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Case Study – 1

Northumbrian Water

“We began with a simple proof of concept that was easy to implement, starting small with a few colleagues and gradually scaling up. The Inicio team was responsive and flexible to our needs, and the system is so easy to use. Consumers find their user-friendly I&E straight forward and stress-free to complete, and the support of the ‘little budgie‘ is delighting both customers and my team”

Lisa Connell, Customer Service Manager

Northumbrian Water needed to improve engagement rates with their non responsive customer segment from the current level of less than 10%.

Inicio AI delivered a standalone pilot with minimal requirements for advisor training and process change and zero technology change.


Engagement Rates


Consumer Completion Rate


Identified in benefits

It’s so refreshing to implement a new system that requires so little agent training, which immediately works and adds value.

Emily (Team Manager) – Northumbrian Water
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Case Study – 2


“The challenge was for our small team to engage customers that had ‘gone cold’… we needed a new approach that allowed customers to engage in their own time. Offering our customers a tool they could use to assess their own affordability, a tool they could use on any device at a time of day that suited them – created the conditions to re-engage with us, with strong results”

Our client helps thousands of customers in the UK take card payments reliably, securely, and most importantly, quickly.

A long-serving operator in the marketplace, they were looking to move from traditional methods of customer service to embrace a digital approach.

They identified a proportion of their customer base where they needed an affordability assessment. Their existing process was ineffective, costly and slow for the contact centre team, and customer engagement was low.

Their ambition was to increase engagement and improve the experience of customers throughout their lifecycle.

An affordability engagement to reconnect


more likely to agree to a payment plan on initial contact

Our client trialled the affordability platform to understand how they could positively increase engagement with their customers.

The out-bound dialler teams were replaced with digital messaging and e-mail invitations to engage and gather information about the customers income and expenditure.

Campaigns were uploaded in the Inicio Platform creating the possibility to engage hundreds of customers in a single cycle, a task that used to take several weeks.